Why Donors Need You To Go Digital

In today’s world, for any organisation to not only thrive but quite literally survive, it’s absolutely crucial to master digital fundraising for NGOs. If you’re wondering why, it’s because whether your audience is over 60 years or closer to 25, everyone is online. The average individual owns at least five social accounts and spends almost 2 hours browsing them daily.

If you don’t connect with your donor audience where they are, it’s likely you won’t connect with them at all, let alone sustain the relationship and ensure continuous donations. To survive, you must adapt. Here are a few social media strategies to add to your existing donor-retention plan:


Peek Behind the Curtain

Social media is one of the most important communication tools for NGOs to build public awareness. It can be used to make donors feel more connected to your work by giving them a peek behind the curtain. Use formats such as Instagram Stories or YouTube to share behind-the-scenes videos of your NGOs events, special talks with experts or even interviews with key leaders from your organisation. The same links can then be shared over email to boost reach.


A for Appreciation

Everyone loves appreciation every once in a while! Thank your donors individually on social media for their contributions and share snippets about the impact their donations have had, whether it’s through a short video of your team shouting out ‘Thank you’ or an animated graphic with their name on it. Also, don’t forget to tag them in the post! Tools like ’Canva’ are an easy way to create fun and inspiring graphics to share with donors as a quick appreciation post. You can even reshare their relevant posts or try endorsing them on LinkedIn.


Start Social Storytelling

Once you have identified where your donor social table is located, take a seat and begin dishing out the stories. Share updates in real-time about ongoing campaigns and events, or create a flash-back moment and delve into your organisation’s history with regular throwback posts. A short and powerful story can go a long way to intrigue prospective donors when shared by your existing financial supporters. Always try to keep your donor as the hero or at the very least, mention how their contributions have helped the cause.


VIP All-Access Passes

Donor events are a great way for donors to socialise and for fundraisers to draw new donations for NGOs. Digital events that have the illusion of being ‘exclusive’, not only drive engagement but also build loyalty. Try Facebook event pages, Skype or Hangout chat sessions with experts, or even a chat thread between your leaders and donors. Online events can help make your donors feel involved and also give them a chance to learn more about your organisation. You might be surprised how many questions and suggestions you receive just through digital donor interactions!


If you’re new to the social media swimming pool, don’t dive into the deep end just yet. Dip your toe into the shallow waters first. Test different platforms and formats, to see what draws the highest engagement from your donors and helps you boost fundraising for your NGO.