The Only Fundraising Stories You’ll Ever Need

Our brains are hardwired to readily accept stories. They help us discern right from wrong and trigger the emotional centres of our brain. It’s very important to understand this because to convert a prospect to a financial donor, the information and stories you share must have an equal mix of facts and emotions. Whatever fundraising channel you may choose, be it email, snail mail, digital media or even radio; stories matter. Thought-provoking and authentic stories evoke emotions and emotions help us remember information.

Here are four key types of fundraising stories to pepper into your donor recruitment and retention strategies:

Real People; Real Stories

Your donors have decided to financially support your organisation most likely because they feel connected to or even passionate about your cause. Once you have laid the groundwork that establishes why your non-profit is an essential entity, you must follow it up with a continual flow of information. Authentic background stories about the communities or cause you are fighting for, can create big waves and potentially create a loyal donor.

Tales of Success

When an individual donates to your organization, the majority of the time it’s because they believe in the organization and the work it does. But words can sustain you only for a short while before a donor demands proof. Therefore, regularly share updates about the work your organisation is doing and the positive impact generated through the donor’s contribution. By seeing or reading about the difference their donation has made, people are encouraged to donate again.

Delve into the Donor

Share stories about your existing donors. This can talk about why they have contributed to the cause, their personal experiences and even their opinion on the cause. Through donor stories, you can motivate prospective donor to make a donation to your NGO and share their story as well. Remember, it’s all about the donor. When people truly believe that their contribution can make an impact, donations are sure to rise.

Touching Testimonials

Some of the most touching stories that really resonate with donors don’t come from the NGO but from the people they fight for. A testimonial is not only clear-cut proof of your work, but it’s also an endorsement for your organisation that is completely untainted. Interview the communities you work for and create videos, blogs or written testimonials about their experiences. Information straight from the horse’s mouth can take your organisation far.

When you apply storytelling to your strategies for fundraising for NGOs, you ensure that your donors connect with you and the cause on a deeper level.