The Donor Journey

Like all successful endeavours, strong donor relationships stem from time, effort, and patience.
We invest our time and resources on defining the ‘Donor Journey’ – the complete experience that donors share with your organisation. By following this journey, we make sure they engage with you for a longer period of time.

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Lead Generation

The first step is finding prospects and capturing their contact information into our database. These leads could be people who have interacted with you before, but haven’t made a donation yet.

Recruitment / Conversion

The next step is to convert prospects into supporters of your organisation. We do this through a variety of channels such as digital, mobile, tele-calling, and face-to-face.


As the name suggests, this step is all about welcoming new supporters and thanking them for their efforts. The ‘welcome’ stage is crucial to retaining donors, as studies have shown that a sizable portion of supporters tend to quit within the first three months of joining.


This stage of the journey involves consistent and fruitful engagement with your new supporters. We look at different ways to keep your supporters motivated and stay true to the cause.


This step of the journey refers to enhancing the value of your relationship with a donor. For us, this means encouraging supporters to contribute or participate at a higher value than they are at present.


This step entails contacting your donors to see how satisfied they are with their involvement and seeking their feedback. We believe that satisfied, loyal donors are the key to success.


This last step is about reactivating a donor’s contribution that may have stopped due to low funds, account problems, or intentional cancellation. We bolster our efforts to converse with these donors and re-establish their conviction towards your cause.