Arvind Shivakumar

Arvind Shivakumar
Arvind Shivakumar

Arvind is passionate about co-creative, regenerative, and sustainable lifestyles that serve all beings. To that end, he practices Systemic Constellation Methodology to process information better and ensure inclusion and love. As a co-facilitator and mentor, Arvind has helmed a self-designed course at Swaraj University dedicated to the regeneration of local cultures and economies. He is also learning Transactional Analysis Frameworks and Sociocracy to facilitate change through collaborative processes.

Career Highlights

  • Part of the EHBLE Project – a community dedicated to sustainable living and natural food forests
  • Mobilisation Database Manager at Greenpeace
  • Part of the core team of Radio Sangharsh – a community-based mobile radio platform sharing the stories of people living in the forests of Madhya Pradesh
  • Part of the Tactical Tech Collective – an NGO working at the intersection of technology, activism, and politics
  • Program Manager at Integlo Solutions
  • Operations Analyst at Dell