Street Fundraising Stopping Techniques

Street Fundraising Stopping Techniques

Street fundraising bridges the gap between your non-profit and donors by actively engaging regular people on a personal basis. As much of this activity happens during the course of a regular day, time is of the essence.

Experienced street fundraising professionals know this and are constantly aiming to convince and convert a potential donor quickly towards your organisation’s cause. Such trained pros are adept at street fundraising stopping techniques which ensure that your NGO makes the best first impression.

Here’s a list of four primary street fundraising stopping techniques:

  • Spot Your Prospect

Among all street fundraising stopping techniques, knowing who to stop and engage in conversation is a very important skill. A person’s appearance usually indicates a degree of financial stability and, therefore, an ability to donate to your cause. If a person is groomed and carrying items such as a laptop bag or latest mobile phone, it can be assumed that they are employed and, hence, could be stopped for a conversation around your non-profit’s cause. As a general rule, stopping people above 25 years of age is a good idea when fundraising on the street.

  • Personalise your Approach

Real pros know that personalising your conversation starter is one of the most important street fundraising stopping techniques. After all, the first intention is to make a prospect on the street stop and listen to you. Genuinely complimenting a person on their clothes/shoes/bag etc is known to be a great icebreaker. Imagine the prospect not as a stranger but as a friend you’ve just met today.

  • Entertain

Imagine you’re walking along on a normal day and suddenly see a bunch of people dressed as furry animals talking to other passers-by on a busy street. Wouldn’t you be curious to know what’s going on? Often, in the drive to draw attention to their serious issues, non-profits neglect having fun. Street fundraising is a hard-sell, and starting off things on a lighter note is recommended as another effective stopping technique. Showing short films related to your cause on an iPad, conducting street plays or using attention-grabbing posters are all effective and innovative street fundraising stopping techniques.

  • Quote Facts

Invite a prospect with a fact about your NGO’s cause that helped make the world a better place. For example: Saying that your non-profit helped build 20 new schools in rural India last year will definitely make someone sit up and take notice, than if you say please contribute towards rural education. Use your charity’s accomplishments as stepping stones to attract more donors on the street.

Whether your NGO is an established one or an upcoming charity, street fundraising helps you to raise awareness about your cause. By taking your charity’s cause to public spaces, you spread the word about social and environmental issues among the general public, who may otherwise not have heard of your NGO or been aware of such contemporary problems. Direct Dialogues Initiatives India (DDII) helps your NGO achieve this by providing 360° professional services including donor acquisition, retention and management.