Street Fundraising Rules – Laws and Norms

Street Fundraising Rules – Laws and Norms

Street fundraising is still an upcoming trend in India. The sheer numbers of working adults in the country makes the ground fertile for your non-profit organisation to attract interested persons towards your cause through trained street fundraising professionals.

However, there are a few street fundraising rules you should remember before soliciting donations on Indian streets.

  • Labour Laws

In India, there are not many laws that define a specific roadmap for charities to follow while conducting their day-to-day business. The country’s labour laws, however, need to be adhered to.

In a street fundraising scenario, this means that any employed fundraisers should be Indian nationals and above 18 years of age. Even though fundraising is not a time-bound affair, fundraising professionals need to work under normal working hours and have a planned schedule. As a registered company that works closely with non-profit organisations, DDII ensures that such guidelines are religiously followed while hiring and deploying fundraising talent for your NGO.

  • Fundraising Location

One of the most important street fundraising rules refers to the place where this activity happens. Street fundraising is usually conducted in public spaces such as a busy street, market or the beach, where a high number of footfalls are guaranteed on any given day. On the flip side, non-public spaces such as a residential colony, mall, corporate office, or tech park also offer different demographics to tap into for your NGO’s funding needs.

On rare occasions, fundraising in regular public spaces may need a simple permission from a city’s municipal authorities in case you have a large team working together. Fundraising activities in non-public spaces always require prior written permission from concerned individuals who may have authority to grant or deny your NGO’s request. Such permissions also mitigate any legal issues, in case of a dispute later on.

  • Proper Conduct

Although inextricably linked, street fundraising professionals must put your NGO’s cause ahead of their personal and career goals. Raising funds on the street is a difficult job, where the prospect of rejection looms constantly. It is important for street fundraising professionals to maintain their composure and manners while dealing with the general public. Being polite, confident and having a positive outlook are essential traits.

Fundraising specialists need to remember that they’re also guardians of your NGO’s image in the real world. In these days of social media, any undesirable incident has the potential to snowball into a wild controversy that can tarnish your non-profit’s image in the eyes of your stakeholders, public and legal authorities. It is also crucial that funds are not raised using any fraudulent means. A responsible fundraiser always informs prospects about donor rights, by making the signing up process completely transparent.

DDII’s street fundraising professionals undergo intensive induction training, ongoing evaluation and professional development to equip them to handle all sorts of queries and issues that may crop up while raising funds on the streets.