Our services are extensive, but our focus is singular. We imbibe the essence of your cause and
understand your overall objectives to deliver tailor-made solutions
from the gamut of fundraising services.
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Street / Outreach fundraising

We approach individuals at designated streets or office areas and engage them for the cause, requesting them to support both financially and morally. We provide options for one-off, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual donations.


We generate leads for donations through digital or offline channels and then organise tele-fundraisers to call and engage the same donors for financial support. For sign-ups, our staff either meets the donors personally to build trust and long-lasting relations, or take the alliance forward digitally.

Digital fundraising

We engage with donors digitally using various online platforms such as social media, website, videos, etc., thereby enabling them to participate in and contribute to your cause.

Door-to-door fundraising

It is one of the integral aspects of our process. Door-to-door campaigns help us engage with new supporters who otherwise may not have heard of our clients’ work. Our team members approach individuals in strategic residential locations (with prior permission of local authorities) to speak with them about the campaigns and ask them to support the cause.

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Travel team

In order to engage with people from cities where we currently do not have offices, we have a designated travel team. This team engages with like-minded people through various events (with required permissions) or by setting up a kiosk in tech parks.

Foundations and CSR Grants Based Fundraising

We frame impactful proposals to grant-making organisations, foundations, and corporates for two kinds of funding – earmarked funds for projects or generic grant amounts. We also work with our clients to create effective report-backs to the funder with respect to fund-utilisation and impact achievements.

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Donor servicing

Supporters are the backbone of any organisation. We stay in continuous touch with them to cherish their support, gainfully engage them for the cause, and make the ongoing relationship resilient. A pool of continuing donors helps us create a positive impact around your organisation.

Donor development

As part of ongoing relationship building, we engage with donors; and depending on their active or inactive donation status, we do one of two things:

  • Upgrade – We engage with active donors to enhance their involvement towards the cause
  • Reactivate – In an occasion when a donor’s contribution has stopped for a personal or technical reason, we set a dais for mutual dialogue to understand the limitations, and motivate them to continue their association

High-value donor fundraising
(High-net-worth individuals: HNI)

We identify high-net-worth individuals from our existing pool and nurture their ability to support. Our engagement procedure also ensures stronger, long-lasting relationships with these donors.

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Donor engagement

We mobilise donors to generate awareness for your cause by organising events and interactions on public forums. These interactions facilitate an exchange of ideas and knowledge, prompting effective communication.

Database management
and analytics

With a highly-skilled unit dedicated to this, we analyse your donor and non-donor database to produce in-depth reports and analytics. These are then used to plan and evaluate future fundraising strategies, as well as select the right donors for specific campaigns.

Fundraising and
donor communications

To engage with donors, we create marketing communication materials such as EDMs, newsletters, and videos, and do social media optimisation.

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Public engagement
and events

As part of donor enrolment, these events focus on initiating dialogue with prospects on issues related to your campaigns. We form an alliance through discourse in public events and inspire new prospects to take up a pledge for a given cause.

Digital & mobile

Through social media and mobile marketing, we tap into the power of the digital space to reach a wider audience. The potential donors we engage are taken through your active projects before we request for any contributions.

Long-term plans

We create long-term plans spanning from three to five years to sustain your fundraising programmes. We help to develop strategies that are in line with your organisation’s goals.

Monitoring and evaluation

We follow an effective governance mechanism to monitor your ongoing fundraising programme with regular report-back on its progress and direction. Our Fundraising Director provides regular updates while the Senior Management Team focusses on the programme’s Key Performance Indicators.

Learning and development

We identify crucial gaps in your fundraising programme, and design appropriate training for your team to bridge them. These learnings are important for the success of any campaign.