Improve Your NGO’s Individual Giving Programme

Improve Your NGO’s Individual Giving Programme

Many large and well-established charitable organisations meet their fund requirements through large donations received from corporate, government and charitable foundation sources. However, these sources are subject to fluctuations in either the economy or government policy, making them a volatile source of funds. In light of the above factors, individual giving is proven to be a very stable source to raise funds for your charity’s cause and long-term sustenance. For upcoming, small and mid-sized non-profit organisations, individual giving programmes require some scale till they prove to be effective, while plenty of large NGOs worldwide operate entirely through individual giving.

Individual giving is simply raising money from individuals – regular people like you and me. Face to face fundraising and direct mail techniques are often employed to reach out to a large swathe of individuals, which in turn affects individual giving patterns.

If your NGO has a pool of regular donors, there are some ways to leverage individual giving and meet the financial budget required for your cause.


  • Start at Home


Your organisation’s board members and top management are some of your best prospects for fundraising. By being involved in the activities of your NGO, they also need less convincing to make a significant donation towards your cause. Like they say, charity begins at home. Getting employees to participate in individual giving towards your organisation’s cause also is a great motivator to start meeting a budget for a new campaign.


  • Reach Out To New Supporters for individual giving


All non-profits need to continuously make efforts to spread awareness about their cause and in turn attract new potential donors. Knowing your current donor base offers great insights into acquiring new ones. Analysing trends among regular donors will help you spot similarities in other potential donors and boost your NGOs chances of securing more individual giving avenues.


  • Build Relationships


Non-profit organisations work on the basis of public goodwill. Building and maintaining good relationships with your current donors allows you to confidently make a second ask or upgrade their contribution. Keeping your donors updated about how their funds are making a difference will go a long way in creating an effective individual giving program.

Simply speaking, individual giving is a valuable financial resource for charitable entities in the long run.

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