Get Noticed: Ace Street Fundraising in India

For NGOs, street fundraising is one of the most personal charity fundraising ideas. Interacting with potential donors is a crucial aspect of face to face fundraising. As an NGO in India, street fundraising can generate a significant share of donations provided it is implemented effectively.

At Direct Dialogue Initiatives India, we take pride in offering end-to-end professional services to your NGO. Our trained street fundraising professionals are adept at attracting one-time and regular donations from the general public.

With its large population and constant chaos, Indian streets are bewildering for anyone not used to its buzz. The visual and aural cacophony of activity throws many challenges to effective street fundraising, which relies on one-on-one communication between a fundraiser and a potential donor.

So, how can your street fundraising team attract attention in such a scenario? Here are three proven methods that help your charity achieve its fundraising goals on the street:


Build a Visual Identity

Street fundraisers need to stand out amidst the frenzy of an average city street in India. For starters, a fundraising team needs to have identical t-shirts and identity cards issued by your charity to visually pierce through a crowd of people. Most people are compelled to stop out of curiosity when you see several people in identical clothes on a busy street. Apart from clothes, a unique costumed mascot, placards, posters, standees, banners and leaflets also help to draw attention.


Be the Center of Attention

Even in a busy metro like Mumbai or Delhi, certain public spaces such as parking zones, entry/exit of stations, and outside popular markets offer some convenient locations that are suitable for your street fundraising team to garner attention. Choosing the right location will determine steps on how to get attention while raising donations for your charity. Ideally, the fundraising team must also be positioned to face the side from where maximum prospects are approaching.


All About Body Language

Good eye contact will make or break your interaction with a potential donor, long before you’ve even started your verbal pitch. Having a genuine smile and believing in your non-profit’s cause will generate confidence in a prospect. Street fundraising professionals always approach a prospect from the front, never from the side or the back. Adding a dash of humour while introducing your non-profit’s cause is known to be a great way to grab attention from the get-go.

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