Fundraising Tips For Small NGOs

Fundraising for NGOs is essential at one stage or another, but for small NGOs, it can prove to be one of the most challenging aspects. In order to not only manage programmes but more importantly run your organisation, a constant influx of donations is key. Here are a few tactical tips for small NGOs to kick-off fundraising.


Understand Your Organisation

Every NGO has different goals and your fundraising needs will vastly differ according to what you hope to achieve. Map out your SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time-Bound) first before you get into strategising your fundraising plans.


Build a Donor Database

Identify and map out a list of supporters who trust in your work. These individuals could potentially introduce you to other like-minded supporters or even help plan events targeted at fundraising for NGOs. Before you send out any proposals though, make sure you initiate personal conversations. Don’t worry if you seem to hit a dead-end. Persist. Look for other platforms to reach out and try alternate communication routes.


Let’s Get Digital

Social media can prove to be one of your best resources for building new donor relationships and running campaigns focused on fundraising for NGOs. First, identify the platform best suited for your organisation’s needs and audience, this will also determine the kind of content you post. Thanks to inbuilt donation capabilities, Facebook is the best place for small NGOs to start out. Ensure you have a mobile optimised website that is updated with all your social media links.


Spread the Word

Find advocates for your organisation who have a good follower base. Create a strong relationship with them by providing them with personalised information regularly and making sure they feel special. Not only will you develop a loyal donor, but you can also approach them to help boost your fundraising efforts by sharing it with their followers.


Transparency Trumps All

Whether it’s through a quarterly newsletter, a monthly email, social media updates, project reports or an SMS, donors want to be kept in the loop. Don’t overload them with information but make sure you regularly let them know how their donations have helped and where money has been utilised. This will help you build long-term supporters and more enriching engagements.


Appreciation Raises Returns

When you appreciate your donors for their contribution, they are all the more likely to give again in future. A personalised thank you card for key donors or an email can go a long way. Make sure you let them know the impact they’ve made through their generous donation.

Don’t wait to get started on your fundraising journey. Reach out to us and take the first step to bring in donations for your NGO.