Facebook Lead Generation for Non-Profits

Facebook Lead Generation for Non-Profits

Non-profits rely on funds generated through public awareness and goodwill to run their operations. Reaching as many people as you can with your message is imperative if your non-profit aims to fulfill its mission objectives. In a world that’s heavily online, especially on social media, Facebook lead generation has emerged to be a very viable route. Lead generation is important for any organization, but it’s especially important for non-profits.


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Facebook lead generation seeks to spark interest in your non-profit among users of the social network. Using Facebook to attract people who agree with your mission and engaging with them to donate time, money and various other resources is a crucial aspect of this activity.

Check out these three Facebook lead generation ideas for your non-profit:

  • Clear Message

The nature of social media today, and especially Facebook, makes it a place where people mainly go to catch up on everything that’s happening in the world and in their friend circles. Out here, time and attention spans are extremely short. Having a clear and concise message about your non-profit’s cause will help you break through the clutter. Explain the USP of your organisation and how it seeks to bring positive change in the world.

  • Engaging Content

We can’t stress this aspect enough if your charity is serious about Facebook lead generation. The platform is bursting with stories of everybody who’s on it. Tell unique stories about your charity’s work through engaging posts and videos to help your message cut through the noise. Posting great content regularly will make audiences aware of your NGO’s work. Having a unique Call to action (CTA) button which leads to your webpage where people can sign up to know more will eventually boost your leads by several paces.

  • Advertise

Facebook’s inbuilt advertising feature allows you to target specific demographics with sponsored content. If you know your NGO’s intended donor profile, the social media platform offers various audience demographics to whom your messages could be tailored and targeted to. A paid service, this is also one of the effective ways that your organisation’s Facebook lead generation efforts can actually turn fruitful.