Face To Face Charity Fundraising Tips

Face To Face Charity Fundraising Tips

Face to face fundraising is one of the oldest and strongest methods to raise funds for your charity. This kind of activity includes fundraising on the street, by going door-to-door or by targeting a specific venue such as a mall or corporate tech park.

All these approaches hinge on physically communicating with potential donors about your non-profit’s cause and motivating them to make a donation. As tough as this sounds, face to face charity fundraising is a fulfilling way to make a difference to society. Here are few face to face charity fundraising tips to help you achieve your NGO’s budgetary goals:

  • Correct Body Language

As humans we all tend to make snap judgments based on our observation of another person’s body language, long before they’ve even started speaking. Drooped shoulders and downcast eyes indicate lack of enthusiasm and confidence. There’s no room for such gestures in face to face charity fundraising. Fundraising professionals need to stand upright, smile often and make good eye contact for a prospect to take interest in your NGO’s cause/pitch. Similarly, crossing your arms indicates that you’re not responsive to the prospect’s remarks

  • Correct Speech

    Charity fundraising professionals understand the importance of voice modulation and intonation. Stating your non-profit’s cause in a monotone will eventually bore your prospect. After all, why should they be interested in a cause when you don’t sound interesting at all? Always maintain an enthusiastic yet polite tone when pitching to prospects. Be aware of the speed of your speech. It often happens that a prospective donor has refused simply because he/she has not followed what an enthusiastic fundraiser is trying to say.


  • Correct Conversation

    A vital face to face charity fundraising tip, the quality of conversation between a fundraiser and a prospective donor can make or break the deal. Remember that conversations are two-sided. Always allow the prospect to state their opinions before following up. Ask the prospect leading questions to gauge their views on your cause. Express an interest in your donor by making small talk or offering genuine compliments.

  • Correct Farewells

As a fundraiser, whether you’re going door-to-door or soliciting donors on the street, ending a conversation is an often neglected face to face charity fundraising tip. It is a known fact that not everyone you talk to will subscribe to your non-profit’s cause. Even if a prospect declines to make a financial contribution, fundraising professionals must thank them for their time and direct them to a website they could head to if they change their mind in the future. In case a donor has signed up to donate regularly, offer them information on how they could get in touch with your charitable organisation and know the progress of your non-profit’s cause.