DDII begins operations

Bengaluru, 1 March 2017: Today, Direct Dialogue Initiatives India Pvt. Ltd. (DDII) – incorporated on 19 October, 2016 – came into operation with the first batch of its staff. DDII is a new ethical fundraising company that will engage citizens and garner their support for cause-based civil society organisation clients.

Our organisation will dedicate itself to fundraising, marketing activities and engagement services, mainly through one of the most well-established methods of cause-led fundraising: direct dialogue, or a one-to-one conversation between fundraising campaigners and prospective supporters. DDII will also use innovative and diversified tools of fundraising and digital outreach to support the work of its clients. Arvind Shivakumar, one of the members of DDII’s Board of Directors said: “I believe individual giving and support for civil society organisations provides both legitimacy and independence to such organisations to plan their long-term work.”

Direct dialogue is one of the most powerful ways to recruit real, lasting support for social and environmental causes. Our talented team of fundraising campaigners will share inspiring stories about the work of our clients and provide opportunities for citizens to act. They will have real conversations – answering questions, letting people air their doubts, and giving them honest reasons why their support is critical for each cause before signing them up as supporters.

The company to start with, will have its operations in seven cities across India. We are already approaching a number of potential civil society organisations working in the development, human rights and environmental sectors.

At the founding shareholders’ invitation, Greenpeace International has started investing in the company and has become the majority shareholder of DDII. Ramesh Singh, Greenpeace International’s nominee in the Board of Directors, said: “Connecting concerned citizens with social and environmental causes and channeling their support – whether it be funds, time, or solidarity – is our function that is so fulfilling. We are happy to invest in this ethical and professional organisation that will provide opportunities for people in India to engage with and contribute directly to the cause.”

Direct Dialogue Initiatives India has appointed Mr. Binu Jacob, the former Fundraising Director of Greenpeace India, as its CEO. For any queries, he can be reached at binu.jacob@directdialogueinitiatives.com or by calling +91 80 6564 4440.

Mr. Jacob said: “There is clearly a need for DDII to find both new clients and new colleagues to help us achieve this vision. As we look to expand our operations across the country, we will be recruiting talented fundraising professionals who are capable of communicating these vital campaigns to potential supporters.”

If you are interested in working with us, please check our site for updates. You can also write to us at recruitment@directdialogueinitiatives.com with your attached resumé