Our Clients

Our clients include both operational and advocacy NGOs in the fields of environment, reforestation, child-welfare, societal upliftment, and public health.

Greenpeace India is an independent global campaigning organisation with a network of offices in over 55 countries. Greenpeace India campaigns to prevent the dangerous impacts of climate change by protecting our forests, air and water. It promotes clean renewable energy through solar power and safe food through ecological farming. Greenpeace India does not accept donations from governments or corporations and relies on the support of individual donors to fund campaign work.

Alaap is a social enterprise with a mission to create a world that exists in harmony with nature; and where development is not at the cost of destroying our planet or our communities. It does this through the revival of degraded lands into fast-growing natural forests and turning chemical-dependent farmlands into regenerative food forests. This creates short and long term income opportunities, climate-resilient communities, and carbon sequestration.

Railway Children India (RCI) is a non-profit organisation that has been fighting to protect and provide for children with nowhere to go, for over 20 years. RCI creates child-friendly railway stations and races to reach lost, missing or abandoned children before an abuser does. Once they are rescued, RCI works with communities and governments to relocate or reunite them with their families.

Anahat bridges the gap between the poor and the government healthcare system, by strengthening the demand for healthcare and, building the capacities of non-medical health workers to provide these services. It works to create strong public health systems which are critical to improving the lives of the poor, as health is linked with livelihoods, the environment, nutrition and food security.

VAANI works to advocate for the right of every deaf child to lead a full and complete life with respect and dignity. By bringing language and communication into the lives of deaf children and their families, VAANI enables them to have meaningful interactions between themselves and the world around them.

Vimor Handloom Foundation was set up in 2004 to empower Indian weavers and ensure the preservation of India’s rich handloom tradition. Through skilling, design and financial support, the foundation helps weavers sustain their traditional occupation. Vimor Museum of Living Textiles, a museum set up by the foundation aims to create awareness about the importance of India’s textile heritage. Another domain of work is the research and documentation, of India’s traditional handloom saree motifs and weaving techniques.


Organisation For Friends, Energies and Resources is a non-profit based out of Kolkata, West Bengal that works on issues of child protection, HIV/AIDS eradication, disability and other human development areas. OFFER caters to vulnerable groups from 5 states namely West Bengal, Bihar, Assam, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Since its inception in 1987, OFFER, has been working tirelessly for the rescue, rehabilitation and social integration of orphaned and abandoned children living with HIV/AIDS, homeless children, and children with intellectual disabilities. OFFER is the first organisation to start a cafe in Kolkata run exclusively by HIV positive young adults from Anandaghar.