Street Fundraising – How to Get Attention

Street Fundraising – How to Get Attention Street fundraising is the most personal form of raising funds for your charity. Interacting with potential donors on a grassroots level is a crucial aspect of this activity. As a non-profit, street fundraising can generate a significant share of funds for your cause provided it is implemented effectively. At Direct Dialogue Initiatives India, we take pride in offering end-to-end professional services to your NGO. Our trained street fundraising professionals are adept at attracting one-time

Street Fundraising Rules – Laws and Norms

Street Fundraising Rules – Laws and Norms Street fundraising is still an upcoming trend in India. The sheer numbers of working adults in the country makes the ground fertile for your non-profit organisation to attract interested persons towards your cause through trained street fundraising professionals. However, there are a few street fundraising rules you should remember before soliciting donations on Indian streets. Labour Laws In India, there are not many laws that define a specific roadmap for charities to follow while

Face to Face Fundraising for NGOs in India

Face to Face Fundraising for NGOs in India Face to face fundraising in India can be both challenging and exciting. With a large demographic of internet users, the average educated citizen in India is tuned in to various social and environmental issues. It’s great if your charity is able to engage masses towards your cause on social media. However, meeting potential donors in person through face to face fundraising is an effective long-term strategy when it comes to raising funds for

Fundraising through Individual support

Sustainability of a civil society organisation depends on many things – the organisation’s strategy, its people, values, ethos and long term vision. Financial security also plays an important role in its sustainability; and to pursue these an organisation may depend on high-net-worth individuals, corporate funding, foundation grants, government support, Individual funding etc.