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NGO Fundraisers: Stay Creative With These 5 Tips

It’s important to study tactics that have worked in the past in order to raise more funds or engage more donors. But not at the expense of your team’s motivation. If you feel like your team’s drive to has taken a hit, it might be time to put the ‘fun’ back in fundraising! Encourage your team to come up with new ways to boost their fundraising efforts, with just a dash of creativity. How can an organisation ensure that creativity and

Improve Your NGO’s Individual Giving Programme

Improve Your NGO’s Individual Giving Programme Many large and well-established charitable organisations meet their fund requirements through large donations received from corporate, government and charitable foundation sources. However, these sources are subject to fluctuations in either the economy or government policy, making them a volatile source of funds. In light of the above factors, individual giving is proven to be a very stable source to raise funds for your charity’s cause and long-term sustenance. For upcoming, small and mid-sized non-profit organisations,

Google Grants For Non-Profits – An Overview

Google Grants For Non-Profits – An Overview Among the plethora of websites on the internet, Google is arguably the top page that is visited by millions of people every single day. The search engine is synonymous with internet search and the competition among businesses to be found in their top search results has spawned an entire industry of SEO and AdWords agencies and specialists. Google grants for non-profits is the philanthropic side of the internet giant which offers a grant of

Facebook Lead Generation for Non-Profits

Facebook Lead Generation for Non-Profits Non-profits rely on funds generated through public awareness and goodwill to run their operations. Reaching as many people as you can with your message is imperative if your non-profit aims to fulfill its mission objectives. In a world that’s heavily online, especially on social media, Facebook lead generation has emerged to be a very viable route. Lead generation is important for any organization, but it’s especially important for non-profits.   Facebook lead generation seeks to spark

Donor Retention Strategies for Your Non-Profit

Donor Retention Strategies for Your Non-Profit Donor retention is a very essential part of fundraising which every NGO needs to sit up and take notice of. Simply put, donor retention means keeping contributions coming from your existing pool of regular, monthly and annual donors. The objective of donor retention is to keep donors giving regularly, without losing their connection to your non-profit organisation’s larger objectives. Following donor retention strategies are particularly important for monthly giving programmes since the length of time

Why Monthly Donations Are Important for Your Non-Profit

Why Monthly Donations Are Important for Your Non-Profit? There’s a reason why monthly donations are important for your charitable organisation. No matter what size or growth stage your non-profit is currently at, having a great monthly donation program is vital for your long-term success. In fact, among all the various factors that decide your organisation’s fundraising strategy, maintaining a regular stream of funds from your passionate donors ensures that your cause gets the attention it deserves and creates a wider impact.

A Three-step Guide to Monthly Donations for Your Non-Profit

A Three-step Guide to Monthly Donations for Your Non-Profit All non-profits need to make a note of the fact that having a programme that accepts monthly donations for your NGO’s cause is a sustainable way to ensure that you meet your budgetary requirements. But how can your charitable organisation and fundraising teams convince your donors to donate on a monthly basis? What are the methods that you can use to secure monthly donations? Whether your NGO is an upcoming one or
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Advantages of Fundraising at Corporate Offices

Advantages of Fundraising at Corporate Offices Traditional fundraising has and continues to rely on seeking donations on the street or by going door-to-door. However, venue-based activities such as fundraising at company offices have their own benefits. Fundraising at corporate offices requires your NGO to first seek permission from the venue to set up a kiosk or run fundraising activities in a designated area on premises. With the IT industry booming in most Indian cities, large tech parks now house multiple corporate

Face To Face Fundraising Techniques

Face To Face Fundraising Techniques Face to face fundraising is a daunting yet exciting prospect for many new fundraising professionals. Although there are ample opportunities to interact with the common public and make them a part of your charity’s campaign, professionals need to be adept at face to face fundraising techniques to be effective. Face to face fundraising involves meeting prospective donors at their homes (door-to-door), meeting them on the street (street fundraising) and interacting with a more-or-less defined audience at

How To Be A Good Charity Fundraiser

How To Be A Good Charity Fundraiser Gone are the days when a career in fundraising was thought to be a temporary profile or stopgap arrangement before the next attractive job beckoned. India is estimated to have over 2 million NGOs and the numbers are growing with each passing year. With such a heavy concentration of non-profits along with the rise of an upwardly mobile workforce of potential donors, fundraising is a serious career choice in itself these days. A good