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From The Diary of an Outreach Officer

It is said that the seed defines the fruit and I’ve always felt this is apt in my profession. From a young age, I was able to witness how civil society organisations work for the wellbeing of society and the environment as a whole. I was looking for a work opportunity in Sustainable Development and Environment conservation when I came across a fundraising opportunity for Greenpeace India. In my role as an Outreach Officer with DDII, I work with diverse corporate

Effective Direct Dialogue Fundraising for Your NGO

In the world of fundraising for NGOs, there are few tactics that connect with prospective donors as effectively as Face-to-face Fundraising does. Also known as Street Fundraising or direct dialogue fundraising, this tactic is designed to engage with a large prospective audience, yet it proves to be cost-effective in the long-term. Charity fundraising organisations in India often make use of professional teams, who stand at busy public spaces such as bus stops, markets and private venues, in an effort to attract

Street Fundraising: A Charity’s Bread and Butter

India is a diverse economy fuelled by a blooming population of young working professionals and traditional businesses. Barring the remote Himalayan states, there’s no lack of people on India’s streets, especially in its metros. Such a situation makes street fundraising a highly feasible option for charitable organisations looking to raise funds through direct communication with potential donors. You’ve probably been approached by face-to-face fundraisers (often young people) to contribute towards a social cause at some point in your life. Perhaps it

Fundraising Tips For Small NGOs

Fundraising for NGOs is essential at one stage or another, but for small NGOs, it can prove to be one of the most challenging aspects. In order to not only manage programmes but more importantly run your organisation, a constant influx of donations is key. Here are a few tactical tips for small NGOs to kick-off fundraising.   Understand Your Organisation Every NGO has different goals and your fundraising needs will vastly differ according to what you hope to achieve. Map

The Only Fundraising Stories You’ll Ever Need

Our brains are hardwired to readily accept stories. They help us discern right from wrong and trigger the emotional centres of our brain. It’s very important to understand this because to convert a prospect to a financial donor, the information and stories you share must have an equal mix of facts and emotions. Whatever fundraising channel you may choose, be it email, snail mail, digital media or even radio; stories matter. Thought-provoking and authentic stories evoke emotions and emotions help us

Why Donors Need You To Go Digital

In today’s world, for any organisation to not only thrive but quite literally survive, it’s absolutely crucial to master digital fundraising for NGOs. If you’re wondering why, it’s because whether your audience is over 60 years or closer to 25, everyone is online. The average individual owns at least five social accounts and spends almost 2 hours browsing them daily. If you don’t connect with your donor audience where they are, it’s likely you won’t connect with them at all, let

NGO Fundraisers: Stay Creative With These 5 Tips

It’s important to study tactics that have worked in the past in order to raise more funds or engage more donors. But not at the expense of your team’s motivation. If you feel like your team’s drive to has taken a hit, it might be time to put the ‘fun’ back in fundraising! Encourage your team to come up with new ways to boost their fundraising efforts, with just a dash of creativity. How can an organisation ensure that creativity and

Improve Your NGO’s Individual Giving Programme

Improve Your NGO’s Individual Giving Programme Many large and well-established charitable organisations meet their fund requirements through large donations received from corporate, government and charitable foundation sources. However, these sources are subject to fluctuations in either the economy or government policy, making them a volatile source of funds. In light of the above factors, individual giving is proven to be a very stable source to raise funds for your charity’s cause and long-term sustenance. For upcoming, small and mid-sized non-profit organisations,

Google Grants For Non-Profits – An Overview

Google Grants For Non-Profits – An Overview Among the plethora of websites on the internet, Google is arguably the top page that is visited by millions of people every single day. The search engine is synonymous with internet search and the competition among businesses to be found in their top search results has spawned an entire industry of SEO and AdWords agencies and specialists. Google grants for non-profits is the philanthropic side of the internet giant which offers a grant of

Facebook Lead Generation for Non-Profits

Facebook Lead Generation for Non-Profits Non-profits rely on funds generated through public awareness and goodwill to run their operations. Reaching as many people as you can with your message is imperative if your non-profit aims to fulfill its mission objectives. In a world that’s heavily online, especially on social media, Facebook lead generation has emerged to be a very viable route. Lead generation is important for any organization, but it’s especially important for non-profits.   Facebook lead generation seeks to spark