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Top 5 Greenpeace petitions to support

At Direct Dialogue Initiatives, we always believe in supporting organizations that work for environmental and social justice by helping them connect with potential supporters who are affected by the issue or are willing to stand up for it. And what is a better way to bring people together for a social cause other than petitions? Adding your name to a petition is a quick and easy way to help advance the causes that matter to you. These signatures are crucial in
From the Diary of a Fundraiser

From the Diary of a Fundraiser

They say, fill your life with experiences and not things, have stories to tell not stuff to show. Being part of an organisation like Direct Dialogue Initiatives and Greenpeace India from a young age, I have treasured stories and experiences of all kinds and colours. My experiences with these two organisations have been split into two tenures.  The first time, with a friend’s reference, I joined Greenpeace India as a Fundraiser in June 2012. This was right after my SSLC exams,
What is Social Audit?

What is Social Audit?

Social Audit also called ‘civic auditing’ is a way of measuring, acknowledging, reporting, and ultimately improving an organization’s social and ethical performance – and understanding its impact on the people, the planet, and the economy. It is a powerful tool for social transformation and government accountability. In other words, it aims to understand how well the organization’s goals or benchmarks are achieved and how it is accountable to the community. The history of a social audit goes back to the 1950s

The Rules & Ethics of Street Fundraising

Street fundraising or face-to-face fundraising for NGOs in India is still a fairly new concept. The sheer number of working adults make India a fertile  ground for your non-profit organisation to attract prospective supporters for your cause. But before you start recruiting trained street fundraising professionals, there are a few rules you should remember as an NGO in India carrying out ethical fundrasing on the streets.   Labour Laws While there aren’t many laws that lay out guidlines for charities to

A Changemaker Is Born: From The Diary Of A Fundraiser

“No matter how hard you try to plan your life, life has its own plan for you.”   Hi, I’m Shweta. A graduate in computer science and post graduate in Computer Applications. It all started with the opportunity where I got to represent Greenpeace India as a face to face fundraiser. Though I was looking for an IT job as I’ve previously worked as a Java Developer and Database Administrator & this job was something I’d never think of doing in

Get Noticed: Ace Street Fundraising in India

For NGOs, street fundraising is one of the most personal charity fundraising ideas. Interacting with potential donors is a crucial aspect of face to face fundraising. As an NGO in India, street fundraising can generate a significant share of donations provided it is implemented effectively. At Direct Dialogue Initiatives India, we take pride in offering end-to-end professional services to your NGO. Our trained street fundraising professionals are adept at attracting one-time and regular donations from the general public. With its large

6 Tips to Ace Face to Face Fundraising

Street fundraising requires a dedicated team of trained professionals who understand your NGO’S cause and are able to persuade potential donors on your behalf. At DDII, our street or face to face fundraisers undergo an intensive on the job training sessions that include mock classroom, role play and before they meet our supporters. However, there’s nothing better than practical experience for a fundraising professional to be more effective. Here are six tips to nurture effective face to face fundraisers: Knowing Who

From The Diary of an Outreach Officer

It is said that the seed defines the fruit and I’ve always felt this is apt in my profession. From a young age, I was able to witness how civil society organisations work for the wellbeing of society and the environment as a whole. I was looking for a work opportunity in Sustainable Development and Environment conservation when I came across a fundraising opportunity for Greenpeace India. In my role as an Outreach Officer with DDII, I work with diverse corporate

Effective Direct Dialogue Fundraising for Your NGO

In the world of fundraising for NGOs, there are few tactics that connect with prospective donors as effectively as Face-to-face Fundraising does. Also known as Street Fundraising or direct dialogue fundraising, this tactic is designed to engage with a large prospective audience, yet it proves to be cost-effective in the long-term. Charity fundraising organisations in India often make use of professional teams, who stand at busy public spaces such as bus stops, markets and private venues, in an effort to attract

Street Fundraising: A Charity’s Bread and Butter

India is a diverse economy fuelled by a blooming population of young working professionals and traditional businesses. Barring the remote Himalayan states, there’s no lack of people on India’s streets, especially in its metros. Such a situation makes street fundraising a highly feasible option for charitable organisations looking to raise funds through direct communication with potential donors. You’ve probably been approached by face-to-face fundraisers (often young people) to contribute towards a social cause at some point in your life. Perhaps it