Advantages of Fundraising at Corporate Offices

Advantages of Fundraising at Corporate Offices

Traditional fundraising has and continues to rely on seeking donations on the street or by going door-to-door. However, venue-based activities such as fundraising at company offices have their own benefits. Fundraising at corporate offices requires your NGO to first seek permission from the venue to set up a kiosk or run fundraising activities in a designated area on premises. With the IT industry booming in most Indian cities, large tech parks now house multiple corporate offices and are best suited to reach out to a multitude of prospects who earn well and have disposable income for your charitable cause.

The main advantages of fundraising at company offices include:

  • Pool Of Strong Donors

Despite many upheavals, India remains one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. Much of this growth is driven by various sectors, which have also proportionately hired large volumes of manpower. The tech sector has also sustained itself strongly for more than two decades now.

Fundraising at corporates gives your NGO access to this highly valuable demographic of earning, financially stable individuals. These educated individuals are also aware of many environmental or social issues. By reaching out to them at their workplace, your charity could offer viable solutions and offer an opportunity for these prospects to contribute towards a better world.

  • Engage With CSR Initiatives

These days, most large corporate organisations have a mechanism to fund charities and causes through various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. It is also mandatory for companies over a certain size to put aside 2% of their profits into CSR activities. Fundraising at company offices mostly targets individuals to make a personal contribution.

Although the value of individual contributions can never be neglected, taking your non-profit’s cause directly could help you secure large funds through the company’s CSR programmes as well.

  • Efficient Use Of Team Resources

A significant advantage of fundraising at company offices is the fact that you can mobilise a small team of trained fundraising professionals to achieve maximum efficiency in a defined space.

Street fundraising casts a wide net to reach out to potential donors. Fundraising at company offices helps you raise awareness about your non-profit’s cause by casting a smaller net and reaping sustainable and regular donations over longer periods of time.

A part of face to face fundraising activities, fundraising at corporate venues definitely requires trained fundraising professionals who can intelligently engage employees and convince them to financially contribute towards your charitable cause. Apart from signing on new prospects, a robust donor management system should also be in place to handle queries and process new donors.

DDII helps your non-profit in ideating, implementing and managing fundraising campaigns at company offices and on the street. Our professional services are directed to understand the ambitions and needs of our non-profit clients.