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Direct Dialogue Initiatives India aims to provide ethical fundraising and public engagement services to civil society organisations in the development sector. We strive to support environmental and social justice organisations by engaging citizens in direct dialogue on issues that affect them.


To achieve this, we aim to provide a wide range of services in the areas of donor enrollment, retention, mobilisation, and marketing. Our key focus is to raise both one-off and recurring donations from individuals across the country for environmental and social justice causes.


Founded by Mr Aroon Raman and Mr Arvind Shivakumar, Direct Dialogue Initiatives India has Greenpeace Stitching Council as a major investor and shareholder. Together, we intend to create an enterprise that offers engagement assistance to civil society organisations in building a strong supporter and donor base, and developing a sustainable model of financial support for their work.


Direct Dialogue Initiatives India currently has offices in seven cities – Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, and Kolkata.

Digital Fundraising for NGO

We are also in the process of hiring staff for different positions. To know more, contact us at recruitment@directdialogueinitiatives.com.


Arvind Shivakumar
Arvind Shivakumar
Arvind is passionate about co-creative, regenerative, and sustainable lifestyles that serve all beings. To that end, he practices Systemic Constellation Methodology to process information better and ensure inclusion and love. As a co-facilitator and mentor, Arvind has helmed a self-designed course at Swaraj University dedicated to the regeneration of local cultures and economies. He is also learning Transactional Analysis Frameworks and Sociocracy to facilitate change through collaborative processes.